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degree Celsius (C) kelvin (K) T/K = t/C +273.15
degree centigrade degree Celsius (C) t/C ~ t/deg. cent.
degree Fahrenheit (F) degree Celsius (C) t/C = (t/F - 32)/1.8
degree Fahrenheit (F) kelvin (K) T/K =  (t/F + 459.67)/1.8
degree Rankine (R) kelvin (K) T/K = (T/R)/1.8
kelvin (K) degree Celsius (C) t/C = T/K - 273.15
degree Celsius (C) kelvin (K) 1.0
degree centigrade degree Celsius (C) 1.0 
degree Fahrenheit (F) degree Celsius (C) 5.555556 E-01
degree Fahrenheit (F) kelvin (K) 5.555556 E-01
degree Rankine (R) kelvin (K) 5.555556 E-01


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