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Conversion table
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day (d) second (s) 8.64 E+04
day (sidereal) second (s) 8.616409 E+04
hour (h) second (s) 3.6 E+03
hour (sidereal) second (s) 3.590170 E+03
minute (min) second (s) 6.0 E+01
minute (sidereal) second (s) 5.983617 E+01
second (sidereal) second (s) 9.972696 E-01
shake second (s) 1.0 E-08
shake nanosecond (ns) 1.0 E+01
year (365 days) second (s) 3.1536 E+07
year (sidereal) second (s) 3.155815 E+07
year (tropical) second (s) 3.155693 E+07


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