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Conversion table
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viscosity, dynamic and kinematic

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centipoise (cP) pascal second (Pa*s) 1.0 E-03
poise (P) pascal second (Pa*s) 1.0 E-01
poundal second per square foot pascal second (Pa*s) 1.488164 
pound-force second per square foot  (lbf*s/ft 2 ) pascal second (Pa*s) 4.788026 E+01
pound-force second per square inch  (lbf*s/in 2 ) pascal second (Pa*s) 6.894757 E+03
pound per foot hour [lb/(ft*h)] pascal second (Pa*s) 4.133 789 E-04
pound per foot second [lb/(ft*s)] pascal second (Pa*s) 1.488164 
rhe reciprocal pascal second [(Pa*s)-1] 1.0 E+01
slug per foot second [slug/(ft*s)] pascal second (Pa*s) 4.788026 E+01
centistokes (cSt) meter squared per second (m2/s) 1.0 E-06
square foot per second (ft2/s) meter squared per second (m2/s) 9.290304 E-02
stokes (St) meter squared per second (m2/s) 1.0 E-04


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