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acre-foot (based on U.S. survey foot) cubic meter (m3) 1.233489 E+03
barrel [for petroleum, 42 gallons (U.S.)] (bbl) cubic meter (m3) 1.589873 E-01
barrel [for petroleum, 42 gallons (U.S.)] (bbl) liter (L) 1.589873 E+02
bushel (U.S.) (bu) cubic meter (m3) 3.523907 E-02
bushel (U.S.) (bu) liter (L) 3.523907 E+01
cord (128 ft3) cubic meter (m3) 3.624556
cubic foot (ft3) cubic meter (m3) 2.831685 E-02
cubic inch (in3) cubic meter (m3) 1.638706 E-05
cubic mile (mi3) cubic meter (m3) 4.168182 E+09
cubic yard (yd3) cubic meter (m3) 7.645549 E-01
cup (U.S.) cubic meter (m3) 2.365882 E-04
cup (U.S.) liter (L) 2.365882 E-01
cup (U.S.) milliliter (mL) 2.365882 E+02
fluid ounce (U.S.) (fl oz) cubic meter (m3) 2.957353 E-05
fluid ounce (U.S.) (fl oz) milliliter (mL) 2.957353 E+01
gallon [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gal) cubic meter (m3) 4.54609 E-03
gallon [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gal) liter (L) 4.54609 
gallon (U.S.) (gal) cubic meter (m3) 3.785412 E-03
gallon (U.S.) (gal) liter (L) 3.785412 
gill [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gi) cubic meter (m3) 1.420653 E-04
gill [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gi) liter (L) 1.420653 E-01
gill (U.S.) (gi) cubic meter (m3) 1.182941 E-04
gill (U.S.) (gi) liter (L) 1.182941 E-01
liter (L) cubic meter (m3) 1.0 E-03
ounce [Canadian and U.K. fluid (Imperial)] (fl oz) cubic meter (m3) 2.841306 E-05
ounce [Canadian and U.K. fluid (Imperial)] (fl oz) milliliter (mL) 2.841306 E+01
ounce (U.S. fluid) (fl oz) cubic meter (m3) 2.957353 E-05
ounce (U.S. fluid) (fl oz) milliliter (mL) 2.957353 E+01
peck (U.S.) (pk) cubic meter (m3) 8.809768 E-03
peck (U.S.) (pk) liter (L) 8.809768 
pint (U.S. dry) (dry pt) cubic meter (m3) 5.506105 E-04
pint (U.S. dry) (dry pt) liter (L) 5.506105 E-01
pint (U.S. liquid) (liq pt) cubic meter (m3) 4.731765 E-04
pint (U.S. liquid) (liq pt) liter (L) 4.731765 E-01
quart (U.S. dry) (dry qt) cubic meter (m3) 1.101221 E-03
quart (U.S. dry) (dry qt) liter (L) 1.101221 
quart (U.S. liquid) (liq qt) cubic meter (m3) 9.463529 E-04
quart (U.S. liquid) (liq qt) liter (L) 9.463529 E-01
stere (st) cubic meter (m3) 1.0 
tablespoon cubic meter (m3) 1.478676 E-05
tablespoon milliliter (mL) 1.478676 E+01
teaspoon cubic meter (m3) 4.928922 E-06
teaspoon milliliter (mL) 4.928922 
ton, register cubic meter (m3) 2.831685 
cubic foot per minute (ft3/min) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 4.719474 E-04
cubic foot per minute (ft3/min) liter per second (L/s) 4.719474 E-01
cubic foot per second (ft3/s) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 2.831685 E-02
cubic inch per minute (in3/min) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 2.731177 E-07
cubic yard per minute (yd3/min) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 1.274258 E-02
gallon (U.S.) per day (gal/d) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 4.381264 E-08
gallon (U.S.) per day (gal/d) liter per second (L/s) 4.381264 E-05
gallon (U.S.) per minute (gpm) (gal/min) cubic meter per second (m3/s) 6.309020 E-05
gallon (U.S.) per minute (gpm) (gal/min) liter per second (L/s) 6.309020 E-02


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