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electricity and magnetism

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abampere ampere (A) 1.0 E+01
abcoulomb coulomb (C) 1.0 E+01
abfarad farad (F) 1.0 E+09
abhenry henry (H) 1.0 E-09
abmho siemens (S) 1.0 E+09
abohm ohm (W) 1.0 E-09
abvolt volt (V) 1.0 E-08
ampere hour (A*h) coulomb (C) 3.6 E+03
biot (Bi) ampere (A) 1.0 E+01
EMU of capacitance (abfarad) farad (F) 1.0 E+09
EMU of current (abampere) ampere (A) 1.0 E+01
EMU of electric potential (abvolt) volt (V) 1.0 E-08
EMU of inductance (abhenry) henry (H) 1.0 E-09
EMU of resistance (abohm) ohm (W) 1.0 E-09
ESU of capacitance (statfarad) farad (F) 1.112650 E-12
ESU of current (statampere) ampere (A) 3.335641 E-10
ESU of electric potential (statvolt) volt (V) 2.997925 E+02
ESU of inductance (stathenry) henry (H) 8.987552 E+11
ESU of resistance (statohm) ohm (W) 8.987552 E+11
faraday (based on carbon 12) coulomb (C) 9.648531 E+04
franklin (Fr) coulomb (C) 3.335641 E-10
gamma (g) tesla (T) 1.0 E-09
gauss (Gs, G) tesla (T) 1.0 E-04
gilbert (Gi) ampere (A) 7.957747 E-01
maxwell (Mx) weber (Wb) 1.0 E-08
mho siemens (S) 1.0 
oersted (Oe) ampere per meter (A/m) 7.957747 E+01
ohm centimeter (W*cm) ohmmeter (W*m) 1.0 E-02
ohm circular-mil per foot ohmmeter (W*m) 1.662426 E-09
ohm circular-mil per foot ohmsquare millimeter per meter(W*mm2/m) 1.662426 E-03
statampere ampere (A) 3.335641 E-10
statcoulomb coulomb (C) 3.335641 E-10
statfarad  farad (F) 1.112650 E-12
stathenry henry (H) 8.987552 E+11
statmho siemens (S) 1.112650 E-12
statohm ohm (W) 8.987552 E+11
statvolt volt (V) 2.997925 E+02
unit pole weber (Wb) 1.256637 E-07


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