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energy and work

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British thermal unitIT (BtuIT) joule (J) 1.055056 E+03
British thermal unitth (Btuth ) joule (J) 1.054350 E+03
British thermal unit (mean) (Btu) joule (J) 1.05587 E+03
British thermal unit (39 8F) (Btu) joule (J) 1.05967 E+03
British thermal unit (59 8F) (Btu) joule (J) 1.05480 E+03
British thermal unit (60 8F) (Btu) joule (J) 1.05468 E+03
calorieIT (calIT) joule (J) 4.1868 
calorieth (calth) joule (J) 4.184
calorie (mean) (cal) joule (J) 4.19002
calorie (15 C) (cal15) joule (J) 4.18580
calorie (20 C) (cal20) joule (J) 4.18190
calorieIT, kilogram (nutrition) joule (J) 4.1868 E+03
calorieth , kilogram (nutrition) joule (J) 4.184 E+03
calorie (mean), kilogram (nutrition) joule (J) 4.19002 E+03
electronvolt (eV) joule (J) 1.602177 E-19
erg (erg) joule (J) 1.0 E-07
foot poundal joule (J) 4.214011 E-02
foot pound-force (ft * lbf) joule (J) 1.355818
kilocalorieIT (kcalIT) joule (J) 4.1868 E+03
kilocalorieth (kcalth) joule (J) 4.184 E+03
kilocalorie (mean) (kcal) joule (J) 4.19002 E+03
kilowatt hour (kW*h) joule (J) 3.6 E+06
kilowatt hour (kW*h) megajoule(MJ) 3.6
quad (1015 BtuIT) joule (J) 1.055056 E+18
therm (EC) joule (J) 1.05506 E+08
therm (U.S.) joule (J) 1.054804 E+08
ton of TNT (energy equivalent) joule (J) 4.184 E+09
watt hour (W*h) joule (J) 3.6 E+03
watt second (W*s) joule (J) 1.0 
erg per square centimeter second watt per square meter (W/m2 ) 1.0 E-03
watt per square centimeter (W/cm2 ) watt per square meter (W/m2 ) 1.0 E+04
watt per square inch (W/in2 ) watt per square meter (W/m2 ) 1.550003 E+03


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