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ångström (Å) meter (m) 1.0 E-10
ångström (Å) nanometer (nm) 1.0 E-01
astronomical unit (AU) meter (m) 1.495979 E+11
chain (based on U.S. survey foot) (ch) meter (m) 2.011684 E+01
fathom (based on U.S. survey foot) meter (m) 1.828804 
fermi meter (m) 1.0 E-15
fermi femtometer (fm) 1.0
foot (ft) meter (m) 3.048 E-01
foot (U.S. survey) (ft) meter (m) 3.048006 E-01
inch (in) meter (m) 2.54 E-02
inch (in) centimeter (cm) 2.54 
kayser(K) reciprocal meter (m-1) 1 E+02
light year (l.y.) meter (m) 9.46073 E+15
microinch meter (m) 2.54 E-08
microinch micrometer (mm) 2.54 E-02
micron (m) meter (m) 1.0 E-06
micron (m) micrometer (mm) 1.0 
mil (0.001 in) meter (m) 2.54 E-05
mil (0.001 in) millimeter (mm) 2.54 E-02
mile (mi) meter (m) 1.609344 E+03
mile (mi) kilometer (km) 1.609344 
mile (based on U.S. survey foot) (mi) meter (m) 1.609347 E+03
mile (based on U.S. survey foot) (mi) kilometer (km) 1.609347 
mile, nautical meter (m)  1.852 E+03
parsec (pc) meter (m) 3.085678 E+16
pica (computer) (1/6 in) meter (m) 4.233333 E-03
pica (computer) (1/6 in) millimeter (mm) 4.233333 
pica (printer’s) meter (m) 4.217518 E-03
pica (printer’s) millimeter (mm) 4.217518 
point (computer) (1/72 in) meter (m) 3.527778 E-04
point (computer) (1/72 in) millimeter (mm) 3.527778 E-01
point (printer’s) meter (m) 3.514598 E-04
point (printer’s) millimeter (mm) 3.514598 E-01
rod (based on U.S. survey foot) (rd) meter (m) 5.029210
yard (yd) meter (m) 9.144 E-01


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