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Conversion table
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erg per second (erg/s) watt (W) 1.0 E-07
foot pound-force per hour (ft*lbf/h) watt (W) 3.766161 E-04
foot pound-force per minute (ft*lbf/min) watt (W) 2.259697 E-02
foot pound-force per second (ft*lbf/s) watt (W) 1.355818 
horsepower (550 ft*lbf/s) watt (W) 7.456999 E+02
horsepower (boiler) watt (W) 9.80950 E+03
horsepower (electric) watt (W) 7.46 E+02
horsepower (metric) watt (W) 7.354988 E+02
horsepower (U.K.) watt (W) 7.4570 E+02
horsepower (water) watt (W) 7.46043 E+02


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