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fundamental physical constant

quantity symbol value unit of measure
constant of gravitation  G  6.670*10-11  newton*m2/kg2
Avogadro constant  NA  6.02252*1023  mol-1 
Faraday constant  F  9.6487*104  coulomb/mole 
Boltzmann constant  k  1.38054*10-23  joule/K 
molar gas constant  R  8.3143  joule/mole*K 
speed of light in vacuum  c  2.9979246*108  m/s 
elementary charge  e  1.60219*10-19  coulomb 
permittivity of vacuum  e0  8.8544*10-12  coulomb2/N*m2 
permeability of vacuum  0  1.2566*10-6  m*kg/coulomb2 
electron mass  me  9.1091*10-31  kg 
proton mass  mp  1.6725*10-27  kg 
neutron mass  mn  1.6748*10-27  kg 
classical electron radius  re  2.81777*10-15  m 
Stefan-Boltzmann constant  s  5.6697*10-8  joule/m2*s*K 
Planck constant  h  6.62559*10-34  joule*s 
Rydberg constant  R  1.09737*107  m-1 
Bohr radius  a0  0.529177*10-10  m 
fine structure constant  a  1/137.036  - 

The fundamental constants represent the numerical constants established experimental, tied up to physical processes of varied nature. Has restrains that they preserve the same value in any place and moment, from which the name of universal and/or fundamental. The fundamental constants they besides are not definable for theoretical, but only street through experiments.

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